Message from the President

President of ABC Nepal, Ms. Durga GhimireFor the past 2 decades, ABC Nepal has worked tirelessly for the rights of women and girls with a special focus on human trafficking, which is a grave social crime against humanity. Due to age-old cultural traditions and a discriminatory legal system, women have long suffered under this double burden. Their status is low, son preference is rife and they are expected to work extremely hard for little reward. Their low status and economic dependence makes them more vulnerable to trafficking as they are lured by promises of better job opportunities in many parts of the world... [+] Read More

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Under the coordination of ABC Nepal, a surgical health camp is going to be conducted for the women with prolapsed uterus in Ramechhap district on 18th and 19th of February. [+] Read More


The twentieth annual general meeting of ABC Nepal was held on 23rd August 2013 electing the new executive committee. [+] Read More


It has been 25 years for ABC Nepal working with women. ABC Nepal founded in 1987 is celebrating 25 years of glory and to mark this, an event was organized in Kathmandu on 12th of June, remembering and cherishing the achievements of past, making promises for the days to come and felicitating the ones which has been with ABC Nepal quite long a period of time. [+] Read More


Main working area

Main working area of ABC Nepal at present are as follows :
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Major activities

Major activities of ABC Nepal’s Rehabilitation Training and
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